Welcome to Trump Tower New York
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Trump Tower Atrium

The Trump Tower Atrium sits at the base of the sixty foot waterfall–the center piece of Trump Tower. The Atrium has played host to many prestigious events including Luciano Pavarotti, Miss USA and The First Minister of Scotland, to name a few. The breathtaking Atrium can be transformed to create practically any atmosphere you or your client’s desire. 75 to 350 guests. Contact Us

Trump Grill

The Trump Grill is the best kept secret of the Trump Tower Atrium. Tucked away in the Garden Level it also sits at the base of the massive waterfall. With the most elegant food in the most elegant of settings, the Trump Grill is ideal for hosting private dinners or cocktail parties. 20 to 100 guests. Contact Us

Trump Bar

The Trump Bar is a stylish and comfortable lounge where the attention to detail sparkles in the crystal chandeliers, and breathes through the warm mahogany and cherry tones. Trump Bar is the perfect location for hosting the ultimate, exclusive cocktail party. 20 to 75 guests. Contact Us